Why Boarding Schools?

The choice to enroll in a boarding school represents a first step in making a life-altering choice. There are long-term benefits to attending a boarding school. Because of the many opportunities and difficulties presented to pupils on a daily basis, boarding schools are a good fit. The typical student at a boarding school is one who wants to take full advantage of this extraordinary opportunity by residing in a group where education, development, and discovery are prioritized, where opportunities for participation in meaningful activities abound, where friendships are valued highly, and where achievements are celebrated.

Students in boarding schools learn to work together and take on more responsibility as a result of living in a community. Students are better equipped to handle anything they encounter in the real world after graduation if they have been subjected to a rigorous academic curriculum and maintained a strict code of conduct. The teamwork and support that emerges from students learning to work together in a social context is invaluable to their academic and professional success and that of their peers and colleagues (after graduation). Boarding schools are unique in that they provide an excellent foundation for college and life after graduation. Both educators and parents agree that boarding schools offer the best chance of preparing students for adult life.

Friends of boarding are friends for life

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